Blogging – A Guide For Novices(Part VI)


After you’ve have done writing, categorizing, tagging, and proofreading, you should then post your blog post as draft on online blog. This can be done by hitting on Post Draft To Blog option from the File Menu which is available on the menu bar on top left side of Windows Live Writer window.

Once it is published as a draft on your online blog, you can easily do SEO by using different SEO plugins. For example I’m using a plugin named All in One SEO Pack which really works for doing better SEO of your blog posts. Go to Posts link in WordPress admin panel, and you’ll see a post which will be on top of other posts mentioning that it is recently added and a prominent word – Draft will be at the end of its title. Click on Edit link under it to add SEO Title, SEO description and keywords. SEO Title should not be more than 60 characters, but in extreme cases it can go up to 62 characters only.

Use Google Insight to see what people are searching for the things which you are writing to your posts. And then use those keywords or buzzwords in your blog post title. Furthermore write those keywords in text field mentioning the label Keywords (comma separated) on the SEO plugin which is visible under the post data. For example for this post I’ll be adding keywords which can be: Blogging, Writing Blogs, Writing Blog Posts, How To Blog, Blogging Tips, Blogging Myths, Windows Live Writer, WLW Tips, and SEO Tips etc.

Once you are done with it, proofread all the post once again just for the sake of extra care and click on the Publish button from WordPress Admin to make this blog post live. Once the post is published, WordPress Admin panel shows a message stating that the post has been published and you can view it live on your website. AND YOU ARE DONE POSTING!! Watch it online and share with your friends.

Read out the whole guide post by post.

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I hope you enjoying this blogging guide. Do share your learning, knowledge, and feedback about it.

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