Blogging – A Guide For Novices(Part V )

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Blogging is a very interesting topic to read, but some times the reading experience can be spoiled if information provided on it is complex and ambiguous. I hope you’d be enjoying reading this guide as I tried to put things in simplest and easiest language. After successfully learning the topic selection, writing appropriate material, image and video insertion, it is time to learn how to categorize and tag blog posts.

Selecting proper category and properly tagging the blog post is a very important task. First you should know about categories and tags. Categories are used to classify your posts, I mean to say to place post under a proper broad term that represents a large number of information regarding specific things. For example, you can have a category named Internet, Software Reviews, Windows, MAC, Mobile, Programming, and Social Networks etc. Under the Windows category you place all posts which are related to Windows and under Mobile you place all the posts which tell about mobiles etc.

Tags on the other hand are thought compliments to Categories. Means these are the subsection of a category. For example there is not only one mobile company, some mobiles are from LG, some are from Sprint, Nokia, Motorola and iPhone is from Apple just for example. So in mobile category you’ll place a news or post which is about all mobiles and then you tag each post to iPhone and Apple which tells about iPhones.

This post is written under Internet category and tagged as Blogging, Blogging Skills, How To Blog, Blog Posts, and Blogging Basics etc. Once you’ve selected category and tags for your current post, another important step is to hyperlink the words in your post which are also used as a tag on your website, so that if anybody does copy past of your complete post, you get links in his/her website.

For example in this post, some hyperlinked words are iPhone, Apple, Blogging, Internet, Windows, Mobile, Programming etc. When you want to hyperlink a word in your post with a tag on your website, you can do it in following simple steps.

Select the word
Hit Ctrl + K key combination, or click on the Insert Hyperlink small image available on the top of Windows Live Writer Window under the Menu Bar.
When tagging a word with the keywords (which are already used as tags on your website) use this structure – www . yourdomainname . com/tag/USE THAT TAG WORD HERE
As an example I’m going to tag SEO I’ll use this URL to tag it –

In the same way categories can also be hyperlinked use this structure – www . yourdomainname . com/category/USE THAT CATEGORY WORD HERE
Tag minimum 5 words in your blog post. This number can be decreased or increased according to one’s own wish. But there should not be a lot of hyperlinks in your blog post because it may embarrass the reader. Once you’ve done hyper linking in your blog post, re-read it 2 or 3 times for grammar or some other mistakes.

Hope this post remained helpful for you. In next post we’ll learn how to SEO using WordPress plugins. Share your knowledge about blogging with us.

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