Blogging – A Guide For Novices(Part IV)

Blog Video

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some blogging tips in the guide’s first, second, and third part. Here is the fourth part for you, in which you’ll learn about video insertion / embedding in blog posts. Hope you’ll enjoy this part of guide too.

I’m going to mention about the insertion / embedding of YouTube video in your blog post through Windows Live Writer. First we search a proper video which suits our blog post. So I’ll be searching for any Blogging video from YouTube or from any videos website. These are some guidelines on how to embed YouTube video into your blog post.

Watch complete video before you enter/ embed in your post

Click on the Embed button on YouTube page and copy the embed code from there

Come to Windows Live Writer window

Go to Source tab which can be found in bottom above Set Categories drop down.

Once you are in Source view, take cursor to appropriate place (by this I mean, take cursor to a place where you want video in your post to be displayed)
Paste the code there
Edit the width digit to 600 where ever the video code you find it

In this way you can insert / embed as many videos in posts as you want. Know some thing more about video insertion in blog posts through Windows Live Writer? Share with us.

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