Blogging – A Guide For Novices(Part III)

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You’d be enjoying reading the step by step blogging guide for novices. In part I and part II we learnt how to write blog post titles, content inside, how to add page split and how to give references. In this post we’ll learn how to add images in blog posts through Windows Live Writer.

Usually different WordPress themes have some size restrictions that we’ll be discussing in details in this post. Before talking on that let me tell you another important thing which can really save your lot of time. If as a blogger you daily save a lot of images and write a lot of posts, a good approach is to make a folder daily on your desktop (which you can later move on to any other drive as desktop data is often vulnerable for loss as your Windows can get corrupt). So in that folder daily you can place all the images which you download from internet or all whatever documents, that you use for your that day blog posts. I personally use this technique.

Now for example we are going to write how to do blogging and we want to find proper image from internet. You ought to take care that whenever you write some company name, or buzzword, try to write first letter capital – look at the g in Google. You can also make text prominent by putting single quotes or you can make it italic too.

First search an image that shows how to do blogging or how to write blog posts (as am writing a blog post of blogging, so I’ll search image which is related to blogging) . Save all images which best suit your requirement, in the folder that you made for the current day working, usually it is good approach to rename it to current date – e.g. December 1 etc.

Special thing to take care for when you save an image is to give it proper readable name, that will help you in making images on your website, SEO friendly and human readable too. Furthermore take care that you make first letter capital and if there are two words in image name, add a hyphen ‘-‘ in between them as it makes them search bots friendly.

One more thing to take care of is, you should take care about the copyrights of images which you are going to place in your blog post. One best way is to give them proper credit – that means, give them a ping back or proper reference. It can be in different ways, either write under that image that this image is taken from that website etc. or you can also do a [thanks to COMPANY name hyperlinked with their website address] at the end of post. Its up to you. After image has downloaded and saved, resize them. You should resize all images (if they are more than [600xany number] to 600 x any number] ) so that they can be displayed with in your blog post area on website.

The image tool which are must-to-have are two – first Irfan View and second is RIOT. Irfan view can really help you in resizing the images without damaging their quality while RIOT will help you in reducing or compressing the image size without damaging their quality.

The simplest and quickest way is to restore down the Windows Live Writer window and the folder window in which you have saved those images. Simple drag the image from folder to Windows Live Writer post. Once it is visible in your Windows Live Writer window, you still need to do some more actions.


Image Source: Pixabay

Select the image

Once you select the image a workable environment window opens in the right inside of your Windows Live Writer having three tabs – Picture, Advanced and Effects.

Select None from Link To dropdown on the Picture tab
Go to Advanced tab and select the Original Size from size dropdown (Don’t forget to check the Lock Ratio checkbox)

There are also some further do-able options available such as watermarking your images etc (Watermark image with your website name if this image belongs to you or you have created it by yourself)

Don’t forget to put an extra empty line in between your blog text and images
Now in the same way add image.

When I downloaded this image, its width and height was more than 600 x number . So now there were two options to do it, either from Windows Live Writer on the Advanced tab or from Irfan View. If you want to do it from Ifran view, open the image in Irfan view and press CTRL + R key combination. It will open Resize / Resample Image window. Enter 600 in the width text box and enter and save it. The benefit of its resizing is the reusability on your blog. As all the time you’ll manually be resizing it from Windows Live Writer, so better is to resize it from Irfan View and save it for later usage.

I hope you have learnt now how to insert images, and what are image width constraint for the proper image insertion on your blog posts. In next part of this guide, we’ll learn how to add / insert videos in Windows Live Writer posts so that they can properly get displayed on our blog. Keep reading and keep commenting.

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