Blogging – A Guide For Novices(Part II)


Ready to know more about Blogging – here is the part II for the Blogging guide for novices that tells you how to blog in easiest way possible. In this you’ll be learning how to write appropriate text, how to give references, and how to split post. You might know writing proper and accurate content is an ability that can not be learnt so quickly. If you have fervor for writing but you are unaware of appropriate writing, have a look at other blogs and start writing.

At first you might not write accurate content, but with the passage of time when you put a lot of efforts in writing you improve day by day. In previous post we were discussing about writing appropriate post title, we now move towards writing the content of our blog posts.


What to write is actually not a question here, as you will be writing the things which suite your blog theme and which you like to write. Write appropriate text after writing proper title and one thing not to forget is to give proper reference to the news, text, or data which you read or get from other sources. One proper way is to give hyperlinked reference just at the place where you refer that or you may give a Via or Thanks at the end of post.

Next thing to talk on is Split Post feature. Lets talk in simpler way, when you’ve written two, three sentences, you need a page break. For example I’m going to show you how it really looks on website. Open Mens Sneaker website, and you’ll notice there in each blog post Read full story is written. It means showing a little details of post visible on the main page and asking to click Read Full Story link if needed to read the whole story. This is about how we split blog posts.

In next part of this guide, we’ll be talking on how to add images or videos in blog posts. Learnt something from it? Share your feedback with us.

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