Blogging – A Guide For Novices


I previously told you about skills that a blogger should have. Recently some of my friends, needed some guidance on blogging e.g. setting up a blog , blog posts writing, adding images and videos in blog posts, and doing SEO of a blog using specific WordPress plugins. While helping them practically on these things, I felt the need of a complete step by step guide which helps novices in doing all these. Here is the first part of that step by step guide, which I hope you’ll like.

After reading this post, you’ll be capable of knowing things which are necessary for setting up a blog. Furthermore you’ll be going through the process that leads to first time writing in Windows Live Writer. You’ll come to know how to write a proper blog post title.


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First of all, you should have your  personal domain along with some basic hosting package so that you can start your own blog. Download and Install WordPress on it. Furthermore you should download Windows Live Writer for enjoying a better post writing experience. Once you’ve installed WordPress on your blog and have set up Windows Live writer for writing (which I hope is not that tough, you can visit WordPress help forums to do all that), you’ll be moving to write your first blog post.

Add your blog settings to Windows Live Writer by hitting the Add Blog Account from the Blogs menu. Enter blog credentials and complete the small wizard to set Windows Live Writer for writing your blog posts. Once it is set up, you’ll see a writable place on Windows Live Writer window where you can insert post title, and message body. Giving title to your post should be done after much care as it is much important. Either write your blog title first and then start writing a post or you might use the inverse approach in which first you write the whole post and then you give a proper blog title. Remember an eye catching blog post title can play a really important role in making it reader friendly and SEO friendly. Use Google Insight services to properly see what different keywords are having more search traffic from people. I mean to say you can see your post related keywords which are being searched more from common people around the globe. Though a separate post is needed to tell you about proper usage of Google Insight, yet I’m trying to give you an idea in this post which surely will help you.

For example you are writing a post about Computers generically covering all about notebooks, laptops, palmtops and PCs , you can go on Google Insight website and can try putting all of these different keywords such as PCs, Laptops, Notebooks, Or Computers to see that what keyword people are searching more. The one is being searched more, you can use in your post title appropriately so that your blog post becomes SEO friendly.

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